Actran AeroAcoustics

Actran AeroAcoustics

Predicting the noise generated by complex flows

Use this module to predict the noise generated by turbulent flows. Actran AeroAcoustics recovers aerodynamic noise sources from flow simulations performed with commercial CFD codes such as FluentTM, Star-CDTM, StarCCM+TM or PowerflowTM. The results from an unsteady flow simulation obtained from a CFD analysis are imported to the AeroAcoustics module, which then computes the aero-acoustic noise sources from the results. In addition to the Actran Acoustics features, this module provides several other capabilities to help you address aero-acoustics problems efficiently.

Actran AeroAcoustics offers high performance solvers and parallel processing features and is fully integrated in Actran VI.

Actran AeroAcoustics can also be combined with Actran VibroAcoustics in order to address aero-vibro-acoustic challenges.

Sample Applications:
  • Air conditioning modules (HVAC).
  • Side mirror noise.
  • Airframe noise (landing gear, trailing edge).
  • Air distribution systems.